Business of the Company

Rapiere Software Ltd, is a company created by it’s four founder partners; GreenspaceLive, Architype, ChapmanBDSP and Currie & Brown. It has developed a web-based building simulation platform, that will save construction practitioners time and asset owners money by running multiple building simulation scenarios of cost, carbon and energy to optimise the sustainability of the design.

Construction practitioners who have a direct need for ECCOlab are: architects, cost consultants and services engineers, building surveyors, agents, contractors, developer/contractors, construction clients, local authorities, estate owners and managers.

ECCOlab is a Technology Strategy Board-funded project. ECCOlab has received seed funding from LCIF.

The platform is unique in combining all three elements of cost, energy and carbon emissions analysis for any scenario, and its capacity to synchronize with a large range of existing computer-based building design tools.

The four USP’s of ECCOlab are:


The calculation of actual embodied carbon rather than current sustainability analysis which takes energy-in-use consumption as a proxy for carbon, ignoring the significant emissions associated with the actual construction of new buildings


The ability to calculate a project’s whole life energy consumption using only minimal ‘concept design stage’ information about the project


The integration of a live cost model, giving instance cost impact comparisons; present work practices require separate manual off-line costing


Reporting on the ability to create reports required by new developments to show compliance with required levels of sustainability. eg. BREEAM-LEED reporting